Favio Ulises Ramos


Favio Ulises Ramos is a local artist, born in Phoenix, Arizona and educated in Mexico and Arizona.

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He has been drawing since a very young age. At the age of 16, he moved back to Arizona and attended Desert Mountain High School where he took art classes and started painting in various forms including portraits, landscapes and cubism. After graduating from Desert Mountain, Favio traveled to Italy and was amazed by the renaissance and modern art that he discovered. This experience reaffirmed that painting was definitely his passion. Upon his return, he continued to study art at Scottsdale Community College and ASU.

His biggest inspirations are Salvador Dali, Cezanne, Marcel Duchamp, Jose Clemente Orozco and Picasso. He has lived in Ogden, Utah where he participated in various art events and festivals and was a member of the Ogden Arts Community. As of 2014 Favio is currently an active member in the Valley of the Sun Arts Community. He regularly participates in Phoenix First Fridays, Mesa Second Fridays, and Scottsdale Artisan Markets.

Favio describes his style as “neo-cubisurrealism” – or a new form of expressing reality combining cubism and surrealism with a nice harmony of color.